Application of phototherapy for the healing
of the navels of neonatal dairy calves


The present work evaluated the effects of LED light irradiation on the healing of the navels of neonatal dairy calves. Fifty-seven neonatal calves were divided into two groups. Animals had their umbilical stumps immersed in 10% iodine tincture for 60 s, and this process was repeated every 24 h for three consecutive days.The 29 animals in the first group did not receive LED therapy. The 28 animals in the second group received LED light irradiation at 640 nm with 300 mW power, 46.8 J/cm2 energy density, 60 s irradiation time, and 0.385 cm2 spot size. The animals were irradiated at four points (46.8 J/cm2 per point) evenly distributed around the insertion site of the umbilical stump every 24 h for three consecutive days. Irradiation with LED light was applied before the umbilical stumps were immersed in the iodine solution. The time after birth at which the umbilical stump fell off of each calf was noted. The umbilical stumps of all animals fell off by the 25th day of age. After the umbilical stump fell off, the healing of the remnant wound was followed up to the 30th day after birth. The area of the wound was measured on the 15th, 20th, and 25th day after birth using digital photographs and computer-assisted area measurements. A two-tailed unpaired t test was applied to analyze the falling off the umbilical stump, whereas a Kruskal- Wallis one-way ANOVA test with a Dunn’s multiple comparison test was used for the wound size evolution. GraphPad Prisma 5.0® and GraphPad StatMate 2.00® were used for the statistical analysis. The results revealed that phototherapy hastened the falling off the umbilical stump, accelerated navel healing, and reduced the mortality rate in newborn calves. Therefore, this study introduced a preventive and adjuvant after birth treatment that proved to be effective in reducing the incidences of omphalitis and newborn mortality.

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